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Dr. Andrew S. Gast

Dr. Andrew S. Gast

Dr. Andy Gast is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University with a Doctorate in Psychology.

Dr. Gast’s interest in psychology began with a desire to help children overcome anxieties and learn to cope more successfully. Over the years, he has helped many children achieve—from his role as long-term caregiver for one child to his commitments as a big brother and coach.

In the past 6 years, Dr. Gast has worked extensively with teens, adults, individuals, families, couples, and the special needs of the geriatric population. He has treated clients with substance abuse issues, eating disorders, anxieties, depression, relationship problems and dual diagnoses. He views clients as inherently gifted and capable: “the client is the expert on themselves and I bring my psychological expertise”. His goal is to create a trusting relationship which allows the client to gain the courage to move towards understanding and change.

Dr. Gast has extensive experience in performing Psychological Evaluations for bariatric and other medical procedures and surgeries

Dr. Gast lives in Hollywood with his wife and son.