Hollywood Psychology Center

Dr. Beth Pomerantz-Herzbrun, Ph.D.

Dr. Andrew S. Gast

Dr. Pomerantz-Herzbrun is the Director of Psychological and Neuro-Psychological testing at Hollywood Psychology Center. She is a graduate of The University of Miami with a Doctorate in Psychology.

Dr. Pomerantz-Herzbrun has been a Clinical Psychologist with the Broward County Public School System since 1999. She currently serves as a supervisor for North Area Family Counselors and Psychology Interns.

Dr. Pomerantz-Herzbrun has extensive experience in the area of Psychological and Neuro-Psychological testing. She performs testing such as intelligence, learning disabilities, autism, cognitive and personality.

Dr. Pomerantz-Herzbrun is Certified for psychological testing for The Florida Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and conducts assessments for federal disability claims.

Dr. Pomerantz-Herzbrun lives in Pembroke Pines with her husband and two daughters.

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