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Neuro-Psychological Assessments

Many disorders present with similar symptom profiles. In these situations, neuro-psychological testing can make crucial differential diagnoses, freeing the physician to focus on treatment.

Neuro-psychological assessments and testing may be appropriate for: out of control children, confused senior patients, those suffering from memory loss or head injury, and psychosomatic patients. They can be used to diagnose and treat cognitive disorders (including Alzheimer's and other dementias), learning disorders, closed head injuries, drug and alcohol dependence, impulse disorders, depression and other mood disorders, developmental disorders, thought disorders, personality disorders and anxiety disorders. They can also be used for senior placements, competency and probate issues.

Our psychologists are highly skilled and experienced in conducting neuro-psychologoical assessments and batteries, giving accurate diagnoses, recommending individualized treatment plans and providing expert feedback to the physicians and families.

Most insurance plans cover a large portion of the fees associated with Neuro-psychological testing.

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