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Dr. Gast sees individuals, couples and families for counseling sessions. Please review the bio page for his unique approach.

Intake: $200.00
Follow-up sessions: $150.00

Offering Men's and Women's Support Group

Both groups are limited to 8 spaces, and focus on issues of relationships, sex, major life changes, loneliness, grief, depression anger, and anxiety. Members share honestly about what's going on in life and relationships, notice individual patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior, and provide mutual support in order to achieve individual goals. An initial screening will be required before attending. Please contact the office if interested.

Sessions: $50.00 each for 8 week session

Advantages of group therapy:


Perhaps the biggest advantage of group therapy is the opportunity to see that others are struggling in similar ways. Your feelings of isolation will likely become lessened as you begin to hear the stories of others.


Group sessions are the perfect place to practice interpersonal relations and to improve social skills. During group work, you will be able to interact with other members, with Dr. Gast helping to process the interactions. Members to gain an understanding of others’ points of view and to learn healthy ways of communicating or resolving differences.


Dr. Gast encourages members to offer feedback, suggestions and support throughout the session. The support of multiple people can be quite effective in motivating change and validating feelings.


The members of your therapy group can become your sounding board. They can provide you with feedback that helps you to see a situation more clearly or realistically. It’s human nature to perceive things through your on lens. It’s important to note that group members won’t simply tell you what you want to hear. It is typical to expect honest responses from members, but this type of counseling teaches everyone involved how to do so in a constructive, helpful way.


As you get to know your group, you may begin to notice that you find yourself thinking of them and how they may react to various scenarios you encounter each week between sessions. This realization can cause you to reconsider the ways in which you would normally react to a particular situation. This desire to want to report positive outcomes to your peers can be incredibly motivational.

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